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Experience the unique and transformative power of healing portraiture and gift yourself with timeless artwork and memories to proudly hang in your home. 

Healing portraiture is fun, powerful and for everyone! 



Based in Frederick, Maryland

Available Worldwide

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."


"Your pain matters.

Your experience matters. And your healing matters.  Nothing and no one

       can take that away."         

-Daniell Koepke-



Lately, we have realized that some of the most precious memories are those we have with our loved ones. Photographs are so important in helping remind us of those who we miss and of those moments that still make us smile. My family sessions are known for being laid-back, posed and candid, and dare I say, fun!  



Sessions are relaxed and shot with the intention of capturing the fun, edgy and serious sides of teens and tweens in their own element.  Anything that your teen/tween identifies with and is excited about, whether it be sports, music, art, love of animals, or whatever else is welcome to be a part of the shoot.  Teens (13-18) and tweens (ages 10-13) are constantly evolving individuals.  I strive to capture not only who they are now but also those little nuances that always made your heart melt since the first day you held them. 



Our pets are our family.  Their ability to be in the moment, make us laugh and love us unconditionally make them some of life's greatest teachers.  I bring out the unique personality and spirit of each animal I photograph, giving them the freedom and room to shine for the camera. 


My personal approach to photography is very casual, fun, respectful and non-invasive. I love using natural light in images and very rarely have much more with me than my camera and props. 

"Shannon was able to capture an inner beauty and strength in me that is sometimes so easy to overlook in yourself."


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